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Sophie Tails is becoming Xade Tales

Feb 21

I'm changing the name and retooling a number of things. See more for details!

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Computer crashes are not fun

Feb 18

I knew it would happen sooner or later since the stupid anniversary update so I was partially prepared but

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Tate Publishing is no more....my plans and hopes

Feb 03

After Tate Publishing shattered my world I picked up the pieces and built a new one. Read more to find out how

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Man I can't STAND chauvinists!

Dec 17

This one video burned my butt and I let them have it with Both Barrels...click to see more!

Edit: the account has been terminated! Woot! Score one for lady rights!

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Book work!

Nov 18

I had to buy something to help me work on my book. Click See more to read all about it.

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