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Man I can't STAND chauvinists!

Dec 17

This one video burned my butt and I let them have it with Both Barrels...click to see more!

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Book work!

Nov 18

I had to buy something to help me work on my book. Click See more to read all about it.

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Waiting on the base characters

Oct 25

I'm waiting on Manuel Bastioni Laboratory to get done before I get cracking. Plus I must find time to work on my book. Find out more by clicking the See More!

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I need to redo this site

Oct 06

Find out my plans for my site. Or listen to my site ramblings!

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Sophie Tails List 9-22-16

Sep 22

here is my list that I'll alsways keep updated so the future readers will see. I'll add a widget just below the links for stickied posts and update each date I edit. These are not in order.

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